How Can I Export My iPhone Contacts to Gmail?

Are you using an iPhone? And worried how to save all your contacts to Gmail? Yes, if you are thinking to add all your contacts to Gmail because it is a secure place from where your data won’t be vanished. We are never assured or have ever predicted the inevitable situations. We always have to be prepared for those. Like in case, God Forbid but your phone gets lost and you need to have any important contact you will be having it in the Gmail Account. In case you face any problem while following the steps and needs assistance call at Gmail Support Number and we will provide you the personal assistance to solve the query.

You can follow the below steps to move all your contacts to Gmail Account.

* Download the Copy Trans contacts; it is the powerful utility to transfer iPhone contacts.
* The iPhone contact will populate and display on the screen.
* Click on the top button more and selection of the cloud set up.
* Click new contact followed by Gmail.
* Connecting Gmail account with entry of Google credentials and leaving the server field blank.
* Click add account
* Close the cloud set up window and the user has to select the entire iPhone contacts from the window of Copy Trans contacts that he or she wish to transfer to Gmail.
* For selection of the multiple contacts the box on each contact’s left should be checked and to select the entire contacts at once the CTRL+A should be pressed.
* The selection should be right clicked and move to Gmail is to be selected.
* The iPhone contacts have been successfully transferred to Gmail account.
* A small icon of Gmail will be next to each of the contacts.

There you go!! All the steps are mentioned above to move your contact list to Gmail Account. Are you still stuck on the above options? Ok…we have another option for you. Don’t hesitate, hurry up grab the opportunity to call Gmail Customer Support Phone Number and give us a chance to assist you with your quarrel. Our tech-group is passing on advanced and experienced solutions to the users. Our services, techniques and accessibility are completely transparent between user and our executives.

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