How to change spam settings in Gmail?

Spam mail is none other than those suspicious emails in your inbox that might risk your data from getting leaked or damaged. It can also turn as the dangerous threat for your entire emailing platform as well as for your contacts. So why to let it be there and make its way? Why not let’s remove it permanently.

Among several amazing providers being available to help users, you can find the right one who avail you immediate support through Gmail customer care number. Hence, even to change spam settings in Gmail you can connect with us for help. The team of highly skilled and talented specialists eliminates all hitches in the most perfect manner.



Steps to change spam settings in Gmail

1- Go to Apps and open G suite
2- Click on advanced settings
3- After that scroll the spam section
4- Go to settings
5- Click on configure
6- If the setting is configured
7- Click on the setting
8- Click on configure
9- Check the spam box
10- Click on use existing or create a new one
11- Enter a new list name
12- Click on create
13- To use an existing list as your approved sender list
14- Click the list name
15- After that click on edit
16- Click on add option
17- Now click on save option
18- Click add setting
19- Go to settings main panel
20- At the bottom of the Gmail advanced setting page
21- Click on save

These steps will help you easily change spam settings through professionals help. If any issue or hiccup will persist you can connect with our Gmail customer care number for help and support. We avail best and most user friendly solution to each of our users. Feel free to connect whenever needed.

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